Up and coming altcoins


Why investing in ICO is a good idea in the first place.

As of now they are 1400 coins and each there is something new in the market. And with every new coin there is a new ICO on the market to invest in. Even though there are 50-50 chances of either a success or loss here are some reasons why ICO is a viable option for you if you are an investor. There are very high probabilities of the prices increasing before it hits exchange platforms. The investors get to enjoy great deals and discounted prices. You are investing in the future development of coins once you find the right and a promising ICO, it is assured that the future is bright. There is fast ROI. And lastly, you get to receive tailor made tokens.


Here are the best up and coming altcoins to look out for and best ICO’s to invest in

Cradano: Built of peer-reviewed academic research.

DigiByte: A blockchain with 100,000 nodes  and 21 billion coins

Kmodo: Offering users completely private and anonymous transactions.

Ripple: Decentralized money monetary system that would empower individuals to create their own money.

Selfkey: A process redefining the way we store sensitive information.


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